Skinny Fat

Because Getting Fit's Not Easy

Welcome to Skinny Fat!

Welcome to Skinny Fat! I’m Kaylee, skinny fat girl extraordinaire, and this is my blog about dragging myself to the gym, getting fit, educating myself on heath and fitness, and learning to eat better.

Who am I?

When I was a child I played most of the sports out there. I rode horses, played soccer, field hockey, and softball, was on the swim team, rock-climbed, I did gymnastics, I ran track, and I danced.Now, I wasn’t doing all of them at the same time, but I was a busy, active child and I stayed in good shape. I did’t have to watch what I ate because I was so active and I had the metabolism of a child.

As I grew up, I gradually stopped playing team sports and and finally stopped doing any sports at all. I started going to the gym extremely irregularly during college and it’s pretty much been that way ever since.

Why Skinny Fat?

Since I quit playing sports my eating habits haven’t changed much, I eat out a whole lot more now, and my lack of regular exercise has left me skinny fat. What is skinny fat? Well, someone is described as skinny fat when they aren’t overweight, they may look skinny even to skinny, but they still have a high fat percentage and a low muscle mass. Generally skinny fat people eat a fairly low calorie diet, but they don’t exercise much and so they aren’t vert toned.

That’s me. That’s so me.

What’s this Blog All About?

So, here I am writing a blog about being skinny fat. I’m here to share my journey. I’m going to try new exercises, educate myself on health eating, and generally learn to be a healthier person while getting toned. I’m also here to hold myself accountable. Truthfully, I’d rather be sitting on the couch reading a book than going to the gym, but I’m hoping to change all that.

So welcome to Skinny Fat! I’m happy share anything I may learn. Stop in and say hi. It’s going to be a tough road, but I think it will be worth it.


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